@Jumpman23 #XX8DaysOfFlight Winners

A few months ago Jumpman23 hosted #XX8DaysOfFlight counting down all the Jordan models each day until the release of the Air Jordan 28. To engage other JordanHeads in this countdown, Jumpman23 made #XX8DaysOfFlight into a contest also. If you shared your Jordan sneakers along with Jordan brand (tagging #xx #XX8DaysOfFlight @Jumpman23), you were entered in the contest to win a pair of Jordan’s from the Days of Flight collection. The winners of the contest were notified via Instagram, with an expected delivery of 4-6 weeks. Winners from this contest were chosen be a panel of Sponsored judges. The contest started on January 21, 2013 and ended on February 17, 2013. The Contest rules were located at the bottom of the AJXX8 website. Congratulations to all the winners. Yes the winner for Day 5 and Day 9 is the same person, I guess he hit the lotto twice. Post your comments and favorite #XX8DaysOfFlight model in the comment section.

Twenty-Eight (28) Winners will each receive their winning day’s featured Air Jordan shoe. This is an exclusive collection and all shoes are a size 10. Approximate retail value: $4,200 ($150 each Winner)

@JBreak23 Compiled this list. Congrats to all the Winners again.


AJ XX8 Days Of Flight Winners

Click to view each Winners’ winning photo and new pick-up. (Will be updated with missing winners.)

1) @b_ez29

2) @markanthonyFLOW

3) @rperfit

4) @raygie19

5) @themiki

6) @rowirowee

7) @jydoggie

8) @goodmanxx3

9) @themiki

10) @TimmDogg031

11) @louisv20

12) @AlexCrewz

13) @native2skills

14) @AIR_DEZZY23

15) @gtrustory

16) @rperfit

17) @airtwo3jrdn

18) @yungaltakepics

19) @wearethetrend

20) @marsblackmon87

21) @TheDonDrew

22) @jaymastergwapo

23) @soh_ail

24) @sole_champ

25) @christiangonser

26) @JBreak23

27) @marcusturbo


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